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Solvent cement for joining plastic pipes

  • Form : Syrupy liquid   
  • Base : polyvinyl chloride resin
  • Solvent : approved organic solvents : cyclohexanon,THF
  • Appearance:clear white or grey syrupy liquid with etheral odor
  • Specific gravity:0.95-0.96 kg/L
  • Shelf life :minimum one year in closed and suitable container at temperature +5 to +30 degree centigrade .
  • Pakage :1 kg. wt.sealed can ( 6 cans shrinkage ).
  • Usage : For joinig PVC plastic pipes,fittings,profiles and sheets like drinking water pipes,agricultural piping systems,technical piping equipments and technical drainage systems with PVC hard material.
Application :
To both areas,which are to be clean ,dry,dust and grease free,apply DOKAF PVC Solvent cement  evenly ,fix quickly the parts for a short time and press together. Do not remove the combined pipes from their place for five minutes. The pipe can be used after 8 hours. Pressure test after 24  hours. Ventilate the room during usage . Keep container tighly closed . Keep away from ignition. Do not inhale fumes. Store in a cool place. Do not dispose into sewer. Keep away from childeren.
For more information see MSDS.